Grey Whale migration, work fun, cookies (always cookies), Discounted Items and Breast Cancer Awareness donation.

I hope you all had a fantastic Holidays with friends, family and all your loved ones around. I hope you too enjoyed the horrors of eating your weight in delicious evil cookies that will hunt you until next year and make you consider to be part of the band wagon of the "weight loss resolution" me! However, I regret nothing of it and I still have a few more cookies to go...oh and Santa was generous to get me an ice cream maker too, so bring it Weigh Watchers I am ready!  

Passed the cookies and terrors of eating there is always the extra work put into any new business and all the other stuff that gets pushed aside during this time of the year. So, first things first...Whale Watching season started and I am as static as a kid at a candy store with a hand full of cash and no adults to stop him...hah!

I've done two trips out so far and both were great...the first one we were almost "skunked" (when we don't get any sightings) but I always tell the passengers that the hopes aren't all gone until we dock...even coming back into the harbor we have been surprised by a whale or two that saves the day. Luckily for us as we started to turn to head back into harbor far south in the horizon, we spotted a blow (Gray Whale) and we had to rush to it...our Captain did good catching up to it before it was gone into Mexican waters...phew that was a close one! Then last week we were surprised by to Humpbacks that were staying close enough to allowed us to get a good look at them. Next week I am rooting for more Gray's and always keeping my fingers crossed for a Mola Mola (Sunfish) and anything else Yemaya will like to share with us. :^) Whale watching is not something you can predict a 100% and with wildlife you must appreciate and enjoy what you get even if it's a pelican or a sea lion. They all have their wonderful stories of survival and special skills so don't think of them as just a pest they are wonderful and awesome...specially for those who have never had the opportunity to see them up close in the wild. 

Now to the other and other things pushed aside to keep up with the Holidays. Shirts, shirts and new designs...I have new designs that I have been working on and will be test-printing soon so stay tune. I also have new shirt styles for both guys and girls. The new guys shirts are ridiculously soft, so soft I want to snuggle in a huge pile of them like if it was a giant beanbag. The new girls are soft too but a different kind of soft...more like running in the beach feeling the breeze kind of soft...are tank tops, super flowy and in pretty colors too! I can't wait to start working on them...yay!

15% SALE on selected items...make sure to check out the store for some discounted items, the sale will go on until January 6th (Triking day=Tree kings day with a Puerto Rican accent) and we are still including 10% of all sales to be donated to Breast Cancer awareness so share with friends and everyone.I want to write a big check on January that is not addressed to my mortgage 

So, for the other stuff I've forgotten...I hope my garden crops are still alive, I didn't get a chance to filled the irrigation buckets before I left town so I hope things manage to survive with the rain...if not I'll be getting dirty soon starting new crops. 

I think that is pretty much all for now...I will be rambling more soon as my life puzzle pieces fall into place and the designs are ready...stay tune and thank you for checking out my page.


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