About us...

Batraybunny Designs

Bat Ray Bunny=batraybunny...why Batraybunny you ask? Well, many moons ago I needed to come up with a login name for a group site. During that time I was part of a wonderful wildlife organization doing homecare rehabilitation for one of my favorite animals, the Cotton Tail rabbits and I also had just had an opportunity to get into the Bat Ray tank at my job at the time for some hands-on experience that lead me to fall in love with Bat Rays. So I thought, how cool and unique would it be to put them all together in one word...no one back then and still today has that name but me and that is how Batraybunny came to be.  


The company however has been a work in progress for about a year now...just brain storming ideas to incorporate my passion for the outdoor inspirations, wildlife encounters and just the things I love to inspire others to look around and enjoy the little things life has to offer. 


Those ideas brought me to create Batraybunny Designs. I make everything myself by hand (except for the actual blank shirts...I'm not that good yet!). All templates and prints are my original artwork (I don't call myself an artist but more like a closet artist). I used old drawings that I have saved for years or sketch out pictures of my capture encounters then transfer that into screens and print them on shirts in smalls batches at a time. Each print is unique as they are done by hand so the colors on one may be brighter or lighter than another shirt depending on the pressure.   


My ultimate goal is to partner with conservation organizations that may be related to my encounters and share some of their information and hopefully create awareness and conservation along with sharing my art-experience ;^)


Stay tune for more soon!