Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends today.

As the holidays approach us, we take time to be thankful for all the wonderful people and joys in our life. I want to remind everyone to also be thankful for the environment that surround us and the wildlife within. Be kind and caring to it, small or big, they too are fragile to our actions and impact. They depend on us to protect them and care for them, especially with the current fires in California. Wildlife is in need of room to roam, food to survive and a place for shelter. 

My new design of "Fuego" the California Condor represents this. His story of survival is incredible. But he isn't the only animal affected by fires in our state. He is just one of the lucky ones to have survived and continue to thrive. You can follow his story and maybe catch a glimpse of him on a spycam at https://www.facebook.com/VentanaWildlifeSociety/ 

Thank you for your support and interest!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Batraybunny Designs

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