Heartbreaks and moving forward...nothing time can't heel!

I put myself on a timeout for the last few months to take care of my beloved Grunion during his last days with me and then to care for myself from the heartbreak of losing him. Now is time to bounce back up and start all over again! 

The first few days after saying "good bye" were awful, the guilt, the loneliness and the emptiness in my home without my Grunion "Green Onion" were too much to handle. He wasn't just a pet or a companion, he was in everything in my life. I planned everything with him in mind, from the start of my days to the end of my days, trips and all with him in mind. So of course after loosing him I was lost, without a purpose per say so I wanted to run away as far as I could from here and so I did! I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Netherlands to meet my boyfriend there while he was working and get away from here...I jumped on it like they were giving free panda at the zoo. ;^)

I spend a few days enjoying Eindhoven, Gouda and Amsterdam. I love medieval times history and Gothic architecture so I was at the right place to keep distracted and go crazy with my camera...I feel in love with the place! AND THE CHEESEEEE OOOOHHH THE CHEEEESE!!!

A few days after we came back I hoped on another plane to go do some family favors back home and in FL, then back home last week. I had so many different timezones in my brain my body couldn't keep up...I was exhausted! But I can now kick-start my year and refocus on the new designs and new adventures. I still miss my boy and think of him everyday...yes, I still cry for him everyday, like right now writing this, but I have to keep going or the world will keep turning without me. 

What is next? New things, new designs...working on a few ideas and fixing some to possibly print soon...so stay tune! 

PS. is good to be back! :^)


Batraybunny Designs 

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