The starting of a new business...

Just a few days ago I launched my new scary, exciting and so many emotions all at the same time but none the less super fun to bring my idea to live and share it everyone.

What is next for Batraybunny Designs? Now that things are real, I have to be selective on what design to print next, make the "smart" choice to ensure it captures everyone's like or at least a lot or "likes" so I can continue to do this and share more of those rare encounters that I've had the opportunity to experience. But that is the easy part, the hard part is to select the right canvas to put it on and for that I will  need your help.

I will like to know from YOU, about your likes and what you are looking for when you purchase a shirt. Like myself; I wont do the sucking it in so I can fit on a large because that is the biggest size they have, I want comfort, soft material and I want the best quality material for the what are your like, dislikes and such? Colors that you would like to see and styles...tell me everything so I can look at all my choices and pick a few things to play with and create some magic for you.


Batraybunny Designs

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